Monday, March 2, 2009

Bicycle (bī'sĭk'əl)(n): a vehicle with two wheels,propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheel by a chain,and having handlebars for steering

Wedding wise we are at crunch time and this past weekend we started looking at readings. Even though we are having a church wedding we are planning on having at least one reading that's not from the bible. During our search we found this and I thought it was really cute.

Marriage Made for Two:

"A successful marriage can learn a lot from bicycle riding.You should promise each other that you will not be fair weather riders, but venture out together in the wind and the rain. Only by braving the storms as a team will you reap the rewards when the sunshine arrives.Look after each other. A well oiled bike will run smoothly and change gear easily.Marriage is like a tandem…keep pedaling or the one at the front shouts at you!You should promise each other to not only enjoy new adventures and explorations, but appreciate the same old routes you know and love.Marriage is a promise to each other to endure the climbs so that you may chase the swoops and swerves of perfect single track.The journey may be long and may have hills ahead, but if you climb together with love and passion, you will be able to achieve everything you both desire!"

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