Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rules (rōōl) (noun): An authoritative, prescribed direction for conduct

Today I broke all my own rules. I cried. I wasted an entire day with my head in a book that I was reading solely for the purpose of wallowing in a deep mire of self-pity. I ate things that leave sharp uncomfortable crumbs on my sheets knowingly and will undoubtedly complain about it later. I let my dog eat straight off my plate , after I was done of course. I yelled at my mother for things that were in no way her fault. I ordered pizza for dinner and plan to allow myself to eat at least three pieces accompanied by one tall cold glass of non-diet mountain dew. I pouted to get what I wanted. And in one last glorious attempt at making myself feel better I am writing this for all world to read, which means I will have made a complete rotation through the entirety of my vices, or the ones which I am aware of, in a single day.

The pizza eating has occurred and I would just like to announce that it did indeed become 4 pieces of pizza along with 2 bread sticks and no mountain dew.

Everyday I say tomorrow I will start over. I will reinvent my mind, my body, my life. Everyday I say tomorrow and and every tomorrow I promise myself the same thing. Will tomorrow be my real new beginning? I doubt it. I have no motivation. I feel myself getting lazier and lazier. I haven't been to the gym in months. Everyday I eat too much of everything thats bad for me. I just don't care. Not caring is breaking the rules too.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Enchanted: (ěn-chānt'ed)(adj): to charm; to enrapture

After watching Enchanted and receiving the dvd for my twenty-first birthday and watching it quite a few times since then, I have decided I have things to say about it. The first thing I want to comment on is the soundtrack. Alan Menken and Harry Warren did an incredible job with the composed pieces. The three other songs on the soundtrack are fun and match up well with their corresponding scenes in the movie. My favorite of the songs is So Close by Jon McLaughlin . I added a video of the song withing the movie to the bottom of this post. The movie itself opens up with twelve minutes of beautiful Disney animation, reminiscent of the original feature length features specifically Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. To add the the nostalgic factor Julie Andrews,Mary Poppins herself, narrates the introduction. The entire movie is one huge homage to all the classics. The parts are well cast with Amy Adams as the far from home ,naive Giselle. Patrick Dempsey's portrayal of Robert as the cynical and questioning formerly heart-broken man is well done and believable. As fas the cinematography there are some beautiful shots, especially of those in Time Square in downtown New York, New York and Central Park. Each scene fits the mood for which is was shot to convey. One especially well shot sequence is the choreographed dance to "How Does She Know" in which hundreds of people dance about. The use of the park's well know landmarks through out the song and dance session brings the essence of New York to the forefront while at the same time showing the vast differences between the real world of New York and Andalasia while at the same time tying them together in order to show just how the two can seamlessly mesh. Overall the movie is well written and is on essence a live action Disney Princess movie.

Rated PG
1 hour 47 minutes running time
Directed by Kevin Lima

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Laughter (lāf'tər) (noun): an expression or appearance of merriment or amusement

Your Laughter by Pablo Neruda

Take bread away from me, if you wish,
take air away, but
do not take from me your laughter.

Do not take away the rose,
the lance flower that you pluck,
the water that suddenly
bursts forth in joy,
the sudden wave
of silver born in you.

My struggle is harsh and I come back
with eyes tired
at times from having seen
the unchanging earth,
but when your laughter enters
it rises to the sky seeking me
and it opens for me all
the doors of life.

My love, in the darkest
hour your laughter
opens, and if suddenly
you see my blood staining
the stones of the street,
laugh, because your laughter
will be for my hands
like a fresh sword.

Next to the sea in the autumn,
your laughter must raise
its foamy cascade,
and in the spring, love,
I want your laughter like
the flower I was waiting for,
the blue flower, the rose
of my echoing country.

Laugh at the night,
at the day, at the moon,
laugh at the twisted
streets of the island,
laugh at this clumsy
boy who loves you,
but when I open
my eyes and close them,
when my steps go,
when my steps return,
deny me bread, air,
light, spring,
but never your laughter
for I would die.

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