Sunday, July 13, 2008

Brave (brāv) (adj): possessing or exhibiting courage

When I first started writing this I didn't think I had much to say. It was an experiment, to see if I was immersed enough in the world to make valid commentary about it. I was going to be brilliant in my use of literary allusions and book reviews. Now I realize that I am immersed in the world but mostly I don't wish to make such commentary to often. I originally thought that I would be writing this for other people, that I would keep it impersonal and follow current events and as time has gone on I realize I am writing this for myself more than anyone else. I do keep up with current events, I read the newspaper, and sometimes I write about said events but its less news reporter sort of a way and more in a inner commentary sort of way. This kind of writing doesn't often get the readership a news blog would receive but why write something I wouldn't be all too interested to read myself? With that said I am always thrilled to find a new comment on a post I've made, be it one that agrees or disagrees and believe me I get a lot of disagreements fueled by the comments I decide to make.

As much of a personal outlet for both joy and frustration as this has become, very few people who know me in real life know it exists. With the exception of my soon to be husband, who isn't a regular reader or internet user despite his being a computer genius, his roommate who is a close friend of mine and my little brother, Spencer no one I know reads it and mostly, I am the only one who reads it.

Today I challenge myself to step outside of my very small square of a comfort zone and let people know that this exists. To unabashedly promote it to the world. The first step I am going to take is to put a link in my personal email signature so that those that I hold near and dear will be able to both find it and read it, maybe even comment on it. This is step #1.


TechnoBabe said...

I'm glad you were brave in this post, and reaching out. I think there are two types of blogs: Those writing for themselves, more of a journal, and those writing to entice others. This has turned out to be a good way for me personally to understand myself better and to grow into the woman I want to become, even at the old age I am today. Keep up the good work.

Veggie Mom said...

Isn't it interesting--the more you write about yourself, the more you can know about yourself. Reaching inside to discover that you're really fearless is quite an accomplishment, I'd say!

supermom said...

The link in the email is a great idea. It was like this for me too, family did not know that I was keeping a journal online, but eventually everyone knows now, so I have to watch what I say, lol.

I look forward to reading more :)

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