Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Busy (bĭz'ē)(adj): Sustaining much activity

Seeing as I am starting a new job tomorrow, we have to get the dog boarded, we have an appointment with a photographer and we are headed out of town tomorrow today is going to be busy and at 10 in the morning I already have a long list.

[x] 2 loads of laundry
--[x] wash
--[x] dry
--[x] fold
--[x] hang
--[x] put away all already clean laundry
[x] get Coop's stuff ready for tomorrow
--[x] toys
--[x] food
--[x] shot records
[x] make a pile of stuff to take
--[x]batman book
--[x]small cooler
[x] make plans with Carly for Friday
[ ] get Jeannie a birthday card
[ ] clean the bedroom
[ ] clean the bathroom
[x] walk Cooper
[x] feed Cooper
[x] file papers that need to be filed
[x] send out the Netflix
[x] send out the DJ deposit
[x] defrost something for dinner
[x] pack for tomorrow


Sarah Mae said...

Looks like my list! I am leaving town early tomorrow am for North Carolina!

jccleofe said...

hi, that's a very long detailed list. I love what you did on the title of your post 'the definition' :D interesting.

Angela said...

now THATS a list!-angela

Rachel said...

As you can see not everything got done so I get to go home to a messy house.

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