Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Colorado (kŏl'e-rād'ō) (n.): A state of the west-central United States, the 38th state to be officially admitted into the United States.

We are slowly but surely getting ready to head out on our grueling yet exciting road trip to Colorado this Saturday. We are leaving Saturday at 6am and driving sixteen hours to Durango, Colorado where we will promptly go to sleep. Sunday we are up early to go on a white-water rafting excursion and possibly a hike after that. Monday we are planning on going horseback riding and probably something else exhausting and then Tuesday its back in the car for another sixteen hour drive back. Why are Guy and I doing this to ourselves? There are a few reasons. 1: I have never been to Colorado. 2: The only other road trip I have taken in my life made me think that there is no way I could actually enjoy a road trip and Guy is convinced that this canon ball run of sorts will make me feel differently. 3: Guy's best friend Garrett, the one we are visiting, is moving out of the state in a couple of weeks and we won't be seeing him until the week of the wedding next June, as he is the best man.

We have made the mildly monumental decision to take our little dog, Cooper with us. After discovering that he was both miserable and making all the other dogs and workers at the kennel miserable last time we left him there, we have decided that it is better for his mental health and ours if we take him along. He will have to stay in the barn in his kennel most of the time but at least he won't be surrounded by the incessant noises and smells of the kennel. He loves the car so much that every time we take him out he makes a bee line for the 4runner where he enjoys having the spacious back seat to himself.

Tomorrow I start laundry and packing, as well as planning our three meals on the way to Colorado, as we have both decided fast food is the wrong way to go, money and health wise. We will have a cooler with us so we do have the option of keeping stuff cold. Does anyone have any ideas for food that is filling, healthy and goes over well in the car?

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My Vision said...

When I was a teenager my aunt went with us from Nebraska to Boston. She took hot dogs and put them in aluminum foil, then put them on the engine to heat them up while we were driving for thirty miles. The problem though was she put them in the wrong place and they were still cold. Don't make that same mistake if you try this method! Good luck to you!

Angela said...

Had ideas for you but since i am late reading this I hope your having a great trip. I am from CO---LOVE IT!
I am sure you will also. CAN'T wait to see pictures!

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