Sunday, February 8, 2009

Behind (bĭ-hīnd')(adv.) : not keeping up with, later than

Once again I feel like we are falling behind with all the wedding stuff. The cake is ordered but now we changed our mind and want a round cake and we still have to pick out our ribbon so that's not really done. My dress is ordered and on its way. It should be in by April 20th and then the fittings begin. We still have yet to order our invitations which should have been done weeks ago. The rehearsal dinner has not been even spoken about although Guy and I think we know where we would like it to be held. Our on site coordinator for the reception hasn't returned my calls or emailed me back in over a week. She only works three days a week and every time I email her I get an auto response that she is not in that particular day. Its very frustrating.

The topper on the way behind on wedding stuff cake is that a week after Guy received his passport in the mail I received a letter from the US State Department stating they need me to provide further evidence that I am who I say I am. I am assuming its the fact that I have had probably at least five different addresses in the last three years and four of those are currently in use due to college stuff getting sent to my parents, work stuff getting sent to my place and bank stuff getting sent to Guy's house. I am so worried that we won't get to go on our honeymoon because I have more than one address. I am sending my extra paperwork out tomorrow in hopes that everything will be sorted out quickly. Send positive passport vibes my way!We will both be devastated if for some reason they deny me. I was shocked to get that letter in the mail.

Wedding to Do List for the Week of February Eight:
-Call about the rehearsal dinner
-Get passport paperwork sent out
--anxiously await passport in the mail
-Book Hotel for Italy
-Order Invitations (and menus)
-Work on Bridesmaid's gifts
-Start putting together a wedding playlist
-get rings sized
-email the MOH and the Best Man


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