Thursday, November 6, 2008

Disappointment (dĭs'ə-point'mənt)(n.) : the act or fact of disappointing

I have heard so many people utter "I am so happy its over" in regards to the election but the truth is the aftermath has just begun. This election has been bittersweet to me. I never imagined that the joy I felt when Obama claimed the presidency would be tainted by the knowledge that Prop Eight, the prop that would eliminate gay marriage in California, did indeed pass. Now, it is just beginning. Appeals are already being made. People are rallying together in the name of equality!

How appalling is it that we live in a world that embraces hate and discrimination? And yet, there is hope. Yes, I said hope. Hope in the numbers. Prop 8 passed by a mere four percent and seventy percent of people under 30 years of age voted no. Change is coming! My children will be raised in a more tolerant world that the one I was. If you are a California citizen over the age of 18 and want to support equal rights please check out this petition.



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