Friday, August 1, 2008

Pack (pāk) (v.): to form into a group or compact mass.

We are pretty much all packed up. The luggage is in the trunk. The cooler is full. Cooper has been bathed. We are a little bit late heading to bed but otherwise everything seems to be in order and that's what worries me. Isn't it when you feel like everything is going according to plan that something undoubtedly more terrible than being behind schedule chooses to implode? I can only hope that all is well in the morning as we head out. Wish us luck! There may be updates from the road and most certainly from Durango.


Angela said...

Good luck! have fun, Take TONS of pictures!

Veggie Mom said...

We always forget something essential. Last year for a beach trip The Wild One forgot to pack a swim suit. And of course there weren't any Wal-Marts around where we stayed--only chi-chi boutiques! She's 18 today--I can't believe it!

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