Sunday, August 3, 2008

Brief (brēf) (adj.) :lasting or taking a short time; of short duration

Just a brief update to let everyone know we made it here alive. We made it safely to Durango after a grueling 16 hour drive through California, Arizona and some of Colorado. We stopped off at Four Corners on our way through and have taken hundreds of pictures thus far. Today we went to Mesa Verde to do some hiking and check out the cliff dwellings and checked out all the local haunts in town. Tomorrow we have horseback riding in the morning, followed by some sort of concrete slide and after that rafting on the Animas River. We have packed so much into this trip I can't even imagine how we are going to make the drive home. Wish me luck with tomorrows adventures.


Angela said...

Good luck! If you have never rode horse or white water rafted-take a couple ibuprofens first--your going to be sore! But its SO WORTH IT!

Veggie Mom said...

Glad you're safe! Have a great time on Vay-Cay! If you have computer access, BTW, Uncle Lynn is being pretty generous, and is hosting another Great Pop'rs Giveaway, so come on by!

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