Sunday, February 17, 2008

Know (nō)(verb): to apprehend clearly and with certainty

Every time I tell someone I am an English major they ask me what grade I want to teach. My reply is always "Would you want me in charge of your kids , the future leaders of America?" and while it is a bit snarky, it is an honest question. I'm not sure I really want that responsibility. With the exception of a couple of weeks in ninth grade, I have never been able to see myself as a teacher. I have a short fuse. I love kids and have a certain amount of leniency with them, in comparison to adults, but I'm not sure I could handle twenty-five of them for six hours a day, five days a week. Truth be told, I am an English major because reading in my favorite thing to do and so I decided to combine work and play. There was very little foresight in it at all. I like to read and wanted an excuse to study literature more throughly. Now,as I wade through this semester, I realize than next year I will be a senior, facing the idea of a real job in a real world. I will be planning a wedding I'm not entirely sure I am ready for. I will pay all my own bills. There is no financial aid for life.

The follow up question is always "oh, well what do you want to do?" and my answer is always "I am thinking about doing something in publishing and looking into the possibility of grad school. " To be honest those are just two of things I could sort of see myself doing in the future. The future, is just that, the future. I have no concrete plans for life seems always to find a way to upset that which one feels is definite. For now, day by day is the way I'll do it.


Link said...

Whatever you do in Literature and writing you'll exceed. You are one of the most talented people I know.

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