Monday, February 11, 2008

Grandmother (grānd'mŭth'ər)(noun): the mother of one's father or mother.

My Grandmother still gets mail in my grandfather's name. He passed away nine years ago. On each one she writes deceased in the handwriting her husband knew and returns it to the sender. I can't figure out if it hurts her more that they don't care he's not here to check the mail or if it its worse that she knows that there have been hundreds of credit card offers and coupons and charities asking for money, hundreds of letters that he never had the chance to open. When I see his name on those letters laying on the kitchen table it reminds me that he lived in this house for a very long time and he held me in his lap just as he had my father, in this house and told me stories in this house and loved me in this house.


Shannon (LadyCoconut) said...

Aww. :( This makes me miss my Dad. We are in the process of moving my 94 year old Granny from her house in CA to here in GA. She lived in that house for over 50 years. My dad went to highschool in that house and passed away in that house in his 60's. The grandfather I never met lived and died in that house. Everyday my Granny waits for the mail. =\

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