Friday, April 17, 2009

Gem (jěm)(n.) :Something that is valued for its beauty or perfection

The best thing about San Diego is the multitude of independent business. When it came time for Guy and me to pick out a place to have our rehearsal dinner everyone had something to say about it but no one trusted the local restaurants to know how to handle a party of thirty people. Guy's parents really pushed for Cheesecake Factory but we insisted that if people were coming from all over the world to our beloved San Diego they should get a taste of what our locals had to offer, not something they could get in any medium sized plus city in the US. Guy and I decided that the very best place to showcase our local cuisine would be the Parkhouse Eatery, which also happens to be out very favorite restaurant.

We found Parkhouse completely by accident. In an attempt to widen our perceptions of our fair city on a multiple levels we decided the best place was to start with one of the biological needs, edible sustenance. Guy bought me a ton of random gift certificates for Christmas, one of which just happened to be this cute quirky homey place on Park Boulevard, from which you can see our church. We went, I had blackberry pancakes, he had a lamb burger and we've been going back ever since. We recommend everything. And now we get to share our favorite place with our very closest family and friends.

Our Rehearsal Invitation


tony said...

I am looking for a place to hold a rehearsal dinner for about 30 people. Your blog on the Parkhouse eater caught my attention. I might have to check it out.

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