Friday, January 16, 2009

Update (ŭp-dāt')(v.) : to bring up to date, as by adding new information or making corrections

Wedding update:
What's Done!
The Cake: Its ordered! We went last night for our tasting, loved the cake and put our order in with a lovely little bakery called Flour Power. We went with a three tiered square cake in white with ribbon accents and some fresh flowers. Really simple and elegant which is sort of the theme. We picked the following flavors:
The First Tier: pudding chiffon-yellow cake-with peach slices drifting throughout & peach mousse.
The Middle Tier:
white cake infused with coconut and tied together with a coconut cream.
The Bottom Tier:
The Works- white cake with our light Bavarian cream, one thin layer of raspberry & one thin layer of lemon jam.
Guy's grooms cake (which will most likely be frozen and kept for the first anniversary) is Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate peanut butter cake with peanut butter folded into the mousse, and a layer of fudge to top it off.

Something similar to this but with teal ribbon and strategically placed peonies or tulips.

The Dinner: Guy and I had our tasting Tuesday to get everything squared away as far as the menu goes. We still need to pick out our appetizers and make a decision as to whether or not we should do a signature drink but other than that we've got it down. What's for dinner? Chicken in a pomegranate glaze and filet mignon with a reduced veal sauce on the side with garlic whipped potatoes, fresh steamed vegetables, a mixed green salad with your choice of dressing, rolls, wine and champagne toast. Plus a white chocolate ice cream truffle with raspberry sauce. Sounds yummy doesn't it?

What's in Progress
The Dress:
I went to look at dresses once before and found two I really liked. One for the looks and the other for the price. I have an appointment at two on Saturday,so tomorrow, to go try those two on again and most likely order one. I'm not one of those girls that needs to find the dress and either of these two suits me well so I think I'll be going with one of them.

The Website: Every couple of days we add new info. Just in the last couple of weeks we have added information about the wedding party, food, pictures and accommodations. Check it out at

The Invitations: They are picked out. Now we are just working on the wording and the fonts. Beyond that we are all set. Hopefully these will be ordered in the next couple of weeks. Preferably next week.


Angela said...

Sooo exciting!!! *wants cake now!* lol

Vienna said...

That's a pretty cake, Rachel! It looks sort of like one of the options I have picked for our cake. can't wait to see pics of your cake once it's wedding time!

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