Friday, September 5, 2008

Shiver (shĭv'ər) (adj.): to shake or tremble with cold, fear, excitement, etc

by Rachel Brandt

"Wake up. Come on. Its time to get up."
His voice is sweet and soft
Mr brother stands beside him
a twin born thirty years late
He is bundled in mittens,
scarf and jacket.

It is cold outside
the air, still and frigid
No streetlight
pitch black
"Careful , don't trip."

My breath comes out in
sharp misty clouds before me
Lying down, the concrete below me is solid
flat. Like a frozen lake in January
The crinkle crunch of my jacket
breaks the silence

The three of us, we lie in a row
Three tiny dots on the earth's surface
calm as we wait for the world
to shatter
Shivering, we watch, anticipation
a hand flies up "There!"
a star falls
burning out of existence

Out loud we wish on each one
"Its a meteor, you know, not even a star" I say
"Just pretend for a while" is his reply
So I do


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